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International Workshop on
Emotion Representations and Modelling for Companion Systems 2016








Keynote by Neşe Alyüz


With the advances in computing technologies, we have been undergoing a shift towards a digital world. As an inevitable result of this shift, the technology penetrates into education in myriad forms. Intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) are essential outcomes of this penetration, emerging to satisfy the needs of learners and instructors. Their working principle is based on collecting and processing data of all students through various modalities to understand the strengths and needs of learners. Yet, more important is that ITSs untangle the overlooked problem of traditional education: One size does not fit all, and there is a need for personalized tutoring for each individual. It is well known that that learning is emotional as well as intellectual. To truly meet the needs of education, we need empathic companions, ones that are affectively aware and thus can accompany the learner for an enhanced learning experience.

Keynote by Andreas Wendemuth


The talk presents the handling of multiple modalities, illustrated in recordings of naturalistic human-machine interfaces. There, 10 modalities are recorded in 20 sensory channels with high performance of hardware synchronicity, including several high-resolution cameras, headset and directional microphones, biophysiology, 3D data as well as skeleton and face detection information. The resulting corpus presents 65 subjects for a total of 100 minutes per subject. Self-ratings from eight time points during the experiment are available, as well as several questionnaires from all subjects, regarding personality traits, including technical and stress coping behavior.